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Become an Angel

If you are looking to offer your athletic abilities so that others can Triumph, myTEAM TRIUMPH wants you!


myTEAM TRIUMPH Angels are the athletes who selflessly serve by guiding their Captain through a race.  myTEAM TRIUMPH Captains are individuals with disabilities who may not be able to participate in an endurance event without the assistance of an Angel.


myTEAM TRIUMPH fields teams of able bodied athletes (Angels) and individuals with disabilities (Captains) in the greatest endurance events around!  Each team is comprised of 3-5 Angels and one Captain. Team Angels typically take turns pushing their Captain in a given race. 


Why a team?  First, we want our Captains to safely cross the finish line.  Second, it’s our mission to create enriching experiences, and to build lasting, authentic relationships between people of all abilities.  So get two of your friends together and commit to making a difference! 


If you don’t have others to run with, no worries!  myTEAM TRIUMPH will do our best to pair you up with other ability-matched angels during registration. New Angels, we'll pair you up with an experienced angel when you get started.  

Team Angels Are Encouraged to Fundraise

We ask Team Angels to pay race entry fees and fundraise as opportunities present themselves.  This fundraising supports (typically):

  • Race entry for your Captain.  We provide free opportunities for Captains. 

  • Team shirt / jersey for Angel and Captain

  • Race day hospitality

  • Our continued mission



Do You have what it takes to #RunLikeAngels? If so, complete and submit the Angel Application below

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