Debbie leoni, President

Debbie has a background in recreation therapy and nursing, and brought myTeam Triumph back to Missouri after returning from Wisconsin.   It is her passion and joy to see mTT grow and serve more people as captains, angels and volunteers.  

Crissi Matthews, Secretary/Treasurer

Crissi learned about myTeam Triumph in 2015. Seeing the joy and excitement on the captains faces became a true inspiration to her.  She loves to be involved in any way to help mTT grow so other captains can experience that same joy and new angels can see the pleasure their hard work brings to others. 

Sheila Dean

Sheila is a preschool teacher at Footprints Preschool.  She helps with all the tasks behind the scenes, all the things it takes to create the race experience.  And you'll always see her with a smile on her face!


Derrick Dean

Derrick hs been actively involved with myTEAM Triumph since 2015 with biking and running events. He is looking forward to serving on the board and getting more people involved with mTT!  

Sheila Dean.jpg

Holly Sumner

Joe Windeknecht

Although he is our newest board member, Joe has been involved with myTEAM Triumph since the very first races in 2013.  He is a Boston marathoner and is very involved in the running community.    Joe always has a smile on his face and love for the captains he runs with.   We welcome Joe to the mTT Board!


Margie Nation

Margie Nation has been a welcome and smiling face at mTT events since we received and tested our very first chairs in 2013.   She works behind the scenes, supports fundraising efforts, and represents the needs and interests of our mTT families.  Welcome, Margie!  


Becki Nation

Becki was one of our very first captains in 2013!  She has been in dozens of 5K's, triathlons, bike tours and lots more.  She is often our go-to captain to orient new angels, and is known for her slogan "Whatever happens on the road, stays on the road!"    We are excited to have Becki to represent our captains! 


Anita Smith

Anita has been part of the myTEAM Triumph family since its inception.  A nurse by trade, Anita has a perpetual smile and generous heart for our captains.   She's always there for whatever task is needed!

myTEAM TRIUMPH and its chapters are 501(c)3 non-profit, tax exempt organizations qualified to receive tax deductible contributions by the Internal Revenue Service.